August 2019

Fine Art Asia 2019 and Ink Asia 2019 to lead the peak season for art in Hong Kong
with brand new venture to launch in Taipei in 2020

Piaget white gold bracelet watch
with double row diamond and
sapphire bezel
c. 1970
Somlo London

Xu Lei (b. 1963)
The Message Tree
Ink and colour on paper
INK Studio, Beijing

The Summer Palace carpet
Imperial Workshop of Peking
Qing Dynasty, Tongzhi period (1862-1874)
Silk pile, gilded copper threads

Fine Art Asia 2019, Asia’s leading international fine art fair, and Ink Asia 2019, the world’s first art fair dedicated to ink art, will lead this autumn’s peak art season in Hong Kong. The fairs will be held alongside each other in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from Friday 4 October to Monday 7 October 2019, with a VIP Preview and Vernissage on Thursday, 3 October.

Fine Art Asia 2019 is recognised by the international art world as the most distinguished annual fine art fair in the region. Founded in 2006, the fair attracts leading Hong Kong and international galleries, and provides an unrivalled platform for art and antiques in Asia. As usual, Fine Art Asia 2019 spans 5,000 years of cultural history, showcasing museum-quality Asian and Western antiques, jewellery, antique silver and timepieces; modern and contemporary art.

Ink Asia 2019, founded in 2015, was the world’s first art fair dedicated to contemporary ink. Ink Asia is now acclaimed as a unique international platform for modern and contemporary ink art. The fair presents an impressive array of ink and ink-inspired works, influenced by traditional ink painting but following innovative artistic paths.

Together, in 2018 Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia occupied a 10,000-square-metre exhibition space, displayed more than 10,000 outstanding works of art worth over HK$4 billion (US$510 million) and attracted 25,000 visitors from all over the world. The fairs provide a unique opportunity to view and acquire the best artworks across a wide range of collecting categories. Once again this year, Fine Art Asia 2019 and Ink Asia 2019 will be staged at the peak of the art season in Hong Kong, at the same time as major art auctions in the same venue, attracting dealers, collectors and art connoisseurs from all over the world.

New Venture in Taipei

Fine Art Asia proudly announces our debut art fair in Taipei next April. In collaboration with Chang’s Oriental Art (Taipei), one of our loyal exhibitors. “Fine Art Taipei 2020”, which will be held in April 2020 at the Huashan 1914 Creative Park, will coincide with the Spring sales of renowned Taiwanese auction house Tokyo Chuo Mu Chun Tang Auction Co. Ltd. Fine Art Taipei aims to develop a high-quality international art fair in Taipei, where there are many knowledgeable as well as potential young art collectors. Fine Art Taipei aims to host some 50 exhibitors comprising antiques, art and contemporary ink galleries. Details will be announced later this year.


Launch of The Masterpiece Pavilion

Starting this year, Fine Art Asia is delighted to be collaborating with Masterpiece Fair. The Masterpiece Pavilion comprising over 20 exhibiting galleries will be launched at Fine Art Asia 2019 as part of this year’s edition. Fine Art Asia 2019 also presented a Showcase at Masterpiece London in June 2019 on the theme The Enduring Spirit of the Chinese Literati”.

Founded in 2010, Masterpiece London has established itself as a leading cross-collecting fair, offering the finest works of art, design, furniture and jewellery, from antiquity to the present day. The Masterpiece Pavilion will thus both complement Fine Art Asia 2019 and widen the scope of the offering, introducing more high-quality Western art, including antiques, modern art, decorative art and design, to the Asian audience in Hong Kong.

Paul Cézanne (1839 – 1906)
La Vie des Champs (Life in the Fields)
Painted c.1876-77
Oil on canvas
27.6 x 35.2 cm
Agnews, London

Bust of a Roman Aristocratic
Parian marble
Head: Roman, Julio-Claudian Era, 1st century AD
Bust: Roman, 2nd century AD
74 x 55 x 25 cm
Valerio Turchi Antichita, Rome

Highlight Galleries

Renowned international galleries returning to Fine Art Asia 2019 in the antiques section include Rossi & Rossi (London/Hong Kong), with rare Buddhist and Hindu paintings, sculptures and ritual objects from China, India and the Himalayas; Jorge Welsh Works of Art (London/Lisbon), with Chinese porcelain; David Aaron (London) presenting Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Islamic arts; Rasti Chinese Art (Hong Kong) with Chinese antiques and ink paintings; Nicholas Grindley (UK) exhibiting antique Chinese furniture and works of art; Tenzing Asian Art (San Francisco) showing Hindu and Buddhist sculptures; and Chang’s Oriental Art (Taipei) specialising in huanghuali and zitan furniture, wood carvings and lacquer.

Susan Ollemans (London) will exhibit antique jewellery from Southeast Asia, China, India and Vietnam. Yewn (Hong Kong) showcases innovative contemporary jewellery pieces inspired by Imperial Chinese dynasties; while On Tung Jewellery (Hong Kong) presents exquisite jadeite jewellery. Koopman Rare Art (London) will bring fine antique silver from both East and West; while Somlo London presents exquisite antique timepieces.

In the art section, Pontone Gallery (London) presents classical and contemporary Western art; Wamono Art (Tokyo/Hong Kong) presents contemporary Japanese sculpture; Tanya Baxter Contemporary (London) showcases Post-War Modern British and contemporary art; and Hanart TZ Gallery (Hong Kong) presents Taiwanese master Ju Ming and Chinese artist Yeh Shih-Chiang.

Highlight galleries at Ink Asia 2019 include Grotto Fine Art (Hong Kong) showcasing innovative ink works by Hong Kong artists; Michael Goedhuis (London) presenting a solo exhibition by Paris-based Chinese artist Li Chevalier; Kwai Fung Hin (Hong Kong) with a solo exhibition of ceramic artist Bai Ming; Alisan Fine Arts (Hong Kong) presents a group exhibition of artists from Hong Kong (Lui Shou-kwan), Taiwan (Lee Chun-yi) and China (Nan Qi).

This year, the well-established Photography section of Fine Art Asia will be part of Ink Asia 2019 for the first time. As usual, it will showcase a worldwide selection of galleries chosen by Boogie Woogie Photography Agency, including Pékin Fine Arts (Beijing/Hong Kong), Galerie &co119 (Paris) and Arco Gallery (New York), presenting to the public an eclectic selection of photographic artworks from vintage to contemporary creations.

Academic Programme

The Fine Art Asia 2019 and Ink Asia 2019 Academic Programme will feature lectures and seminars by leading art experts from Hong Kong and overseas. The Hong Kong Art School, a division of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, is the Education Partner of Fine Art Asia for the 8th year in a row. Fine Art Asia is also delighted to welcome the Hong Kong Palace Museum as a new Academic Partner.

For the fifth consecutive year, The Ink Society (Hong Kong) is the Education Partner of Ink Asia 2019. This year, The Ink Society will present the highly respected “Liu Kuo Sung Ink Art Award 2019” during the fair. The inaugural Award will recognise outstanding achievement in the creation of the contemporary ink art in the Greater China region.

Director of Fine Art Asia 2019 and Ink Asia 2019, Andy Hei said,

“The art market in Hong Kong continues to develop apace, with support from the government and creative initiatives by the industry. As always, our aim is to create a professional platform for the art market in Hong Kong, and to promote cultural exchange between East and West. This year we are happy to launch a collaboration between Fine Art Asia and Masterpiece London, and thus we will offer an even wider selection of high-quality artworks to satisfy the desires of eager and knowledgeable Asian collectors.”